About Me

Jane Mather is an experienced Storyteller and Forest School leader with a background in psychology
and well being. As a John Muir Award facilitator and member of Edinburgh’s OWL community (Outdoor Woodland Learning) Jane feels passionately about introducing new generations to the happiness and health benefits we enjoy through being in woodland and the wonderful experience of sharing stories in nature.

“I grew up in Caithness, the county at the top of the Highlands which contains John O’ Groats and where the land gives way to the rough waters of the Pentland Firth, the stretch of sea between Caithness and the Orkney Islands. As a child, this rural part of the world felt both beautiful and isolated. Interesting things seemed always to be happening far away and I dreamed of adventures I would have…When I tell my sons there were only three channels on TV and no computer games they look at me with sympathy and ask what I did with my time…I tell them I spent a lot of time outdoors exploring nature and day dreaming…

I enjoyed introducing my children to the Caithness landscape a few years ago with it’s clean air, sounds of gulls, waves crashing on the rocks and stomach-flipping vertiginous cliffs while we squelched through heather and scrambled over stony beaches.

On our travels we visited the hill of Sysa, little more than a bump in the flat landscape, but well known in local legend as a Faerie hill.  My Granny first told me about this faerie hill and nearby stands the old stone cottage in which she was born. As I looked across the Pentland Firth, I looked at the view I see in my minds eye every time I share the legend of The Piper of Windy Ha’, reaffirming my belief that stories are a vital and enduring connection between us and the land we inhabit.”

Sysa the Faerie Hill, Sarclet harbour, butterfly at Dunnet Sands, Cliffs at Duncansby

“Perhaps that is why I share stories as often as I can and continue to dream in a little cottage at the edge of the woods near Edinburgh’s Braid Hills.”

Wild Flowers of the Braid Hills