Why Storytelling?

“Storytelling supports a sense of community, it deepens our connection with each other and the land we inhabit, it is the means of communicating a continuous stream of human wisdom, connecting us with our cultural heritage and the ancestors who stand behind us.

Through stories we discover not only where we have come from, but imagine where we may go, individually and collectively. Stories help us explore creative approaches to life challenges and support personal wellbeing by encouraging us to embrace the narratives of our lives and become heroes of our own stories.

They’re quite simply an essential ingredient for a happy, healthy life.”

Jane Mather

Jane Mather is an experienced Storyteller and Forest School leader with a background in psychology
and well being. Jane is a member of Edinburgh’s OWL community (Outdoor Woodland Learning) and
feels passionately about introducing new generations to the happiness and health benefits we enjoy
from being in woodland and the wonderful experience of sharing stories in nature.

Jane offers storytelling sessions for nurseries, schools and community groups, often in wild spaces,
encouraging safe, imaginative journeys of discovery.



Scottish Storytelling directory:

Scottish Book Trust database: http://www.scottishbooktrust.com/profile-author/131141 


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