OWL Midsummer Stories & Nature Play

Storytelling and nature play go hand in hand! Our digital-native generation spend considerably more time indoors with screens than any generation before…Exploring in nature has become strange and if we are to redress the balance we must find a way of re-introducing curiosity about the natural world…inspiring a sense of wonder. This is where stories can be the key we need to unlock the door.

As a qualified Forest School leader, I offer a range of nature kindergarten experiences for children and CPD activities for Nursery staff and teachers on themed activities and stories to introduce nature exploration in a fun way.

Example workshop: Sticks and Stories (CEC Nature Play conference, Crammond)

Stories teach us to be resilient, they lead us into dark places and bring us safely home again. In this
workshop I will share some of my favourite stories to inspire new ones.
Every story is a journey to be travelled. In the land of story we are the hero, encountering challenges,
finding the cleverness, resources and courage we need to win the day. It’s marvellous experience
exploring stories in the beauty and rich sensory environment of the living woodland. In this workshop
we will journey in both imagination and nature. Are you ready to explore, magical worlds? Will you
quest from sunny clearing to the heart of the forest, before returning triumphant?
We will make story sticks to tell our tales. What will we discover… A bluebell? A feather? The colours of

Workshop includes: Stories, play, fun, sharing and making something unique to take home!
In the words of G K Chesterton, “Fairy tales do not tell children dragons exist. Children already know
dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children dragons can be…” Squashed? Tricked? Befriended? You decide…








At the Outdoor Woodland Learning Edinburgh Summer gathering … I shared tales of the Faerie folk and

Children Grew on Trees


We discovered a tiny dragon!


and a home for Faeries