Lots of Storytelling

“Returning to the Well”, is my latest storytelling project exploring the value of water by focusing on two of Edinburgh’s ancient healing wells. The Balmwell or St Catherine’s well at Mortonhall and St Triduana’s well at Restalrig. They both have fascinating stories associated with them and it has been a pleasure to explore these with the support of the Andy Hunter bursary and be able to share water stories and activities with P4 pupils at St Catherine’s primary school in Gracemount.

“Changing Views”, Stories of the Braid Hills 2017-2018

At the highest point on the Braid Hills you will see a viewfinder created by the map maker John Bartholomew in his retirement. It offers a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape, identifies key landmarks and gives an interesting geological explanation.

The story below, the beginning of which features on a waymarker post nearby, is a myth created by local school children with support from storyteller Jane Mather. It offers a different story of how the seven Hills of Edinburgh came to be…

the three brothers and Arthur the terrible six headed giant




“Stories in stone”. Summer 2017, Rosslyn Chapel.

Storytelling and nature workshops for the education department at Rosslyn Chapel. in addition to meeting a varied and interesting international audience whilst exploring themes of nature carved into the chapel’s stonework, I learned fascinating historical stories…

After the reformation, when the chapel had fallen into a state of damp and disrepair it became known as the “Green Chapel” due to its covering of algae and moss…Also, in the roof a medieval beehive was discovered during restoration, it had only one way in and out, a small hole for the bee’s, honey was never collected, the bees were encouraged to live there as tiny winged messangers who connected heaven and earth.



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“Woodland Stories”, an 18 week project running over two seasons, funded by the Big Lottery and run in partnership with Buckstone Primary School Parent Council.

Autumn Woodland Stories

Woodland Stories Report

Spring Woodland Stories Midsummer Celebration:

Toasting marshmallows is a serious business in the wild


An audience of Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters listen to the children’s stories


And Gather in a woodland clearing for refreshments


Beautiful twig weavings decorate the space